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Standard efficiency non-condensing boilers waste a lot of valuable energy, in running cost and has an environmental impact, in fact many older boilers convert as little as 60% of the fuel they use into heat for your home.

Utilising the latest that technology, most recent Worcester Bosch condensing boilers improve efficiency to over 90% which could save you a minimum of 30% on your heating bills. Condensing boilers now come in many variations and to see which product will best suit you, please visit www.worcesterbosch.co.uk

If you have a temperamental heating system, have hot water in the header tank, if it makes noises, you have cold radiators or need to continually bleed them then our experts can help. It doesn't necessarily mean a whole new system is required, there are many reasons for any central heating system to degrade and we will advise on the best way to get your heating back to its maximum potential quickly.

We are Gas Safe Registered

B & G Jenkins takes gas and oil safety seriously. Our engineers are on the Gas Safe and Oftec Register and will have their official identity card when you ask to see it.

Gas Safe Register is the official gas safety organisation in Great Britain. It replaced CORGI on 1st April 2009. Gas Safe Register is responsible for the registration and regulation of gas engineers. Membership is mandatory for any company or engineer working on gas appliances.

To find out more about Gas Safe Register you can call 0800 408 5500 or visit the Gas Safe website here


Since OFTEC was launched in 1991, the organisation has played a leading role in raising standards within the heating industries of the UK and Republic of Ireland, representing the safety interests of oil storage, appliance and supply equipment.

To find out more about OFTEC you can call 01473 626298 or visit the OFTEC website here

Monthly Boiler Finance

On Our Worcester Bosch Products, we can offer 0% finance or our flexible monthly payment plan. If you would like to spread the cost of your new boiler over 3, 4, 5, 8 or even 10 years so we can always find the correct payment to suit you.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority allowing us to offer competitive finance packages from Hitachi Capital, one of the market leaders in personal finance. Terms and conditions apply.

We understand that boilers are not an everyday purchase but are an essential part of keeping your home warm and free from the sometimes-unpredictable climate we often revel in.

So please do not hesitate to contact us or call 01793 523 520 if you have any questions, as choosing the correct installer and manufacturer is essential to worry free heating and hot water for many years to come.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies like solar, air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps offer an alternative to fossil fuels and can help reduce your homes CO2 emissions.

Solar Heating Worcester Greenskies solar panels

A typical well sized solar system should provide around 50-70% of the domestic hot water requirements of a home, representing a very worthwhile saving on hot water heating costs. The remaining hot water requirement is provided by the boiler.

The Worcester Greenskies solar panels are a perfect partner to the new range of condensing Greenstar regular and system boilers, with different models available in both oil and gas, which require a separate cylinder for the storage of hot water. When used together a Greenstar boiler and solar system provide a highly efficient system to give heating and hot water comfort

Ground source heat pumps

GSHP's use the latent heat absorbed by the ground that is radiated by the sun daily no matter what the weather is doing above ground. Underground temperature remains constant, at around 12 degrees, and provides a reliable continual source of warm water which, harnessed with a glycol based GSHP system, gives a constant feed of hot water and heating into a property.

"Ground source heat pumps can generate four kilowatts of energy for every single kilowatt of electricity used"

GSHP's are very efficient ways of heating your home and are in excess of 300% efficient. There are also more grants, feed-in tariffs and cash backs available for GSHP’s from various sources as it is a well established form of heating your home and a great long term investment.

Air to Air Heat pumps

Cost effective, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing, Air to Air heat pumps can heat or cool up to 120 square metres allowing for many applications; open plan areas for business, classrooms, places of worship, loft and basement conversions or house extensions - in fact any open areas which require heating or cooling. The units also act as air purifiers and particulate filters using "Cluster Ion Technology", they don't dry out the air - as air conditioning units do - so are excellent for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers alike.

Most installations are completed within a day or so and a 6Kw unit costs around 4 pence per hour to run (on maximum output). They are up to 500% efficient which is why they have become an excellent option for those wanting to reduce the pressure on their existing boiler and household.

Air to Water Heat pumps

Air to Water heat pumps work in much the same way as air to air, they use the latent heat in the air to generate heat, but have one big difference.

An Air to Water units provides a plentiful supply of hot water thanks to a built-in hot water cylinder which makes it an ideal replacement for an old and inefficient boiler. They use a small amount of electricity and are in excess of 300% efficient which means for every kilowatt of electricity that is used the unit will generate at least three units of heating. These units are designed to replace traditional gas and oil boilers based on the principle that electricity will remain more stable and therefore cheaper in the long-term.

Due to air to water units only needing electricity for operation, it makes it an ideal choice when refurbishing an existing property, replacing oil fired boiler replacements, new builds or areas with restricted mains gas. This is the ideal opportunity to upgrade to a proven, dependable and cost effective option.

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